Carol offers “Living Your Strengths” classes as well as Leap across dividePersonal Coaching. See what her clients have to say:

“Carol has a calm, yet persistent way of listening and asking questions. Over time, I started to see possibilities for my life that I couldn’t see before. As a result, I’m finding direction and courage and a sense of freedom that I never could have imagined.”  Social Worker

“Carol helped me see how productive and effective I could be in all aspects of my life. What a difference it made in my personal and professional life.”   Sally C., Nonprofit Leader

“Thank you for the amazing support, encouragement and guidance you’ve give me in completing my doctoral work.  Your coaching has been invaluable in helping me achieve this important milestone. You have a wonderful gift and are using it beautifully.”  David, Minister

“The idea that I should focus on my strengths and not my faults was a relief. It’s OK to be who you are and better if you try to improve the good things in you.” Betty N., Retired City Worker

“Strengths training changed the way I look at myself and my work.”  Judy G.,  Ordained Minister

“It was empowering to have someone confirm what I already thought.  I discovered a way to express my strengths in words and how to focus my energy on my strengths.  Now I can say yes or no to opportunities and know that my decision is right.”  April

“Living Your Strengths class has been a very positive experience for me.  As an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, I thought I already knew my strengths, having had several tests in seminary and in my Masters in Counseling program.  But this is unique and  empowering.  I wish all members of the church would take the test and the class, for it gives us permission to be who we are.  ‘Just be yourself, no one else is as well-qualified.’   These concepts and this class would also be good outside the church as people would quit trying to improve their weakest qualities and concentrate on their God-given strengths and talents.”    Rev. Victoria Freiheit

“I’ve been enjoying Carol Ann’s class on my individual strengths. She has a warm encouraging manner as she listens to all of us share our experiences as we learn more about ourselves through lens of the strength finders inventory. I would recommend Carol Ann’s presentation of Strength Finders because she’s so positive and she creates a safe non-threatening environment in which to learn.” Linda Ann Sommer